Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Story of Christmas~ Book Review

I was given the opportunity to review "The Story of Christmas", written by Gwen Ellis and Steve Smallman. This book is divided into nine short stories, starting with the birth of John and ending with Jesus as an adult.
It is a colorful retelling of the birth of Jesus. The language was age appropriate for younger children, but I thought it was strange that the word manger was omitted more than once, considering it's used so much during Christmas through songs, television, and books.

The illustrations are simple and bright and the questions on each page helps to promote a higher level of thinking . There is a  DVD that comes with the book, including coloring pages that can be printed out. This book is best suited for children ages four and up.

My four year old enjoyed this book and the DVD.  What a great way to share the true meaning of Christmas to your little ones. 


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  2. I really love books that tell you the true meaning of Christmas in a way kids can enjoy. I will be looking into this for my nephew!

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  4. Hi! I have to agree this book is fantastic! I read part of it to my babies last night and I think that they really enjoyed it ( almost 6 and almost 4).

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