Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boz The Green Bear: Book Review

I am so thrilled to find new ways to help teach my daughter about God in fun and interesting ways. Boz the Green Bear, is an entertaining, quality, and educational series. We are big fans and I'm sure your little one will be too!
In the book, BOZ Takes You to the Zoo— Gracie, Drew, and Boz visit the zoo to discover that God’s world is full of animals. This is a bright interactive board book that "helps children six and under learn about animals while practicing their tiger roars and doing kangaroo hops." We enjoyed this happy zoo adventure.
Let’s Learn Our ABCs with BOZ is another Boz book that uses rhyme to help children discover their ABCs in a fun new way. As children uncover each letter of the alphabet, they will also find out that God made everything from A to Z—but not only that, God made everything for you and me! It is a small book perfect for pre-school aged children!
*Zondervan provided the items for review purposes

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