Saturday, July 3, 2010

Devotional for little girls

This is a devotional book for little girls. My daughter and I have started to read this sweet book at night. The illustrations are very cute and reminiscent of precious moments. The text is well organized with a topic and then a short summary with bible verses that coincide with the topic.
I highly recommend this book because it gets to the point and is easy to understand. My daughter has learned scripture versus and is able to relate to them easily. It also makes for a great bedtime story because each night you can focus on one topic.
* I received this book free from Book Sneeze. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for some good books for our girls!
    I'm a new follower- found you on CSAHM :)

  2. I would love to read this book for my kid. Sounds lovely!

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  3. Thank you for posting this review! I am always looking for something fun & meaningful to read with my kiddos. :)